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The Discovery Channel's Monster House - February 2006

In the fall of 2005, Michael was selected to participate in an episode of Monster House. What is Monster House? Monster House is reality TV at it's best. Less makeover, more takeover! It consists of a five long days and nights of work, work and more work. The crew does a complete redo of a home, working within a specific theme. The theme for Michael’s project was Motocross and the design was unusual! 

Michael worked with a crew of four others including a general contractor, a welder, an electrician and a carpenter/furniture builder. They split up, tackled their individual projects and then worked together on all aspects of the design to ensure that the project was finished on time. The last two days they worked 41 hours straight and with only 21 minutes to spare, they completed the job. “Working on Monster House was a test of my personal skills, endurance and sheer determination!”

This 'Motocross House' episode was aired on February 27, 2006

Description: Reupholstered sofa and chairs

Sofa upholstered using motocross pants and jackets

Chairs upholstered using motocross racing jerseys


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