Michael’s recovers and makes new furniture for all uses. We have a variety of different types of cushions filling to suit any possible location or situation including latex or poly foam, available in several different densities, down and feather blends, spring inserts or a combination of any two or more of these products. We now offer a foam that is fire-retardant free! It is our goal to ensure that your cushions not only look good but that they fit well and are comfortable too. Using the finest natural products, we can ensure that no matter what you choose, environmental responsibility is always in mind.

Now that the California Fire Code no longer requires manufacturers to put dangerous and harmful chemicals in your furniture, we are able to offer you any product you desire with flame-retardant free foam! This means a safer experience for you and your family, and long-lasting furniture with no health concerns for the ones using it.

Flame-retardants are known to cause a variety of health issues for those exposed to the product. They are extremely toxic and bio-accumulative, meaning that they build up in your body and the environment causing serious harm. Some of the chemicals used in flame-retardants are known around the world as cancerous, and are even banned in certain counties for this very reason. PBDE’s are the main toxic compound found in many household products that require flame-retardants. PBDE’s in high concentration are known as dangerous, and to cause great harm to the environment, as they are highly resistance to degrading. Your furniture contains these toxins, which can be ingested merely by breathing.

Stay healthy with our flame-retardant free furniture, the best option for you and your loved ones. Be sure to ask about it!

We now offer flame-retardant free foam!

New California laws no longer require dangerous flame retardants to be put into your furniture.

Stay healthy and environmentally conscience with your new or recovered furniture!