Restyled Furniture

Do you have a great sofa but you wish that the arm had a different shape? What about your club chair that is really comfortable but looks a bit out of style? Do you wish that your sofa were really a loveseat?

At Michael’s, we can restyle your furniture to make into what you really want. When starting with a well built hardwood frame, Michael’s can shorten, make your favorite chair taller or add a camel back hump to your loveseat. These types of restyles do require that we add on to or change the shape of the wooden frame.

If you want to change the style of your cushions, simple adjustments to how the cushions are cut and sewn, with welt cord or without or using a decorative trim can also update your furniture.

Sometimes, just changing how the fabric is applied to the furniture, where the welt cords are placed, where the fabric is sewn instead of pleated, changing the layout of the cushions on a sofa, adding or changing the skirt style or leaving off the skirt and putting on new legs. écor.

Before & After