Green Furniture

Social Responsibility 
Building New Furniture the Green Way

Michael’s Custom Built Inc. is a progressive upholstery shop, upholstering furniture in the classic manner. We build new furniture and reupholster recycled furniture. We have the resources to make any upholstered piece more earth friendly. We carry unique natural fiber fillers and fabrics such as silk, wool, linen, and cotton.

Michael’s offers clients an environmentally conscience product without compromising on design or style. Either a new piece of furniture or the reworking of an old treasured piece we are committed to meeting every client’s individual needs.

Green Products

Michael’s has searched for local sources, and sources from around the world, to supply us with natural and organic materials for our Green Furniture clients.

We work with clients on an individual basis to determine what their needs are. We have found that each of our clients has different concerns with the chemicals found in most upholstery fillings in California. We call our service “shades of green”. We will work with you to find the perfect blend of fabrics paddings that will satisfy your budget and your concerns for your health and the environment. As part of the process, we ask that you take home samples of each of our paddings and see if you have any reactions to these natural products. Some of our clients cannot have any latex in their furniture other clients cannot have wool. We have a variety of options that can be adapted to suit anyone.

When creating a piece of new environmentally friendly furniture we use organic wool, cotton and hemp for our batting, ticking, and webbing. Our frames are made from recycled wood or FSC (Forest Steward Council) certified wood. We use no or low VOC glues and adhesives and latex rubber when applicable.

When recovering a piece of furniture we can use the organic fillings and webbings to make your existing furniture more earth friendly.

In our small way we feel proud that we are encouraging the reduction of furniture waste in our overcrowded landfills. By reupholstering furniture and building new furniture using the most renewable resources we are helping to protect our soil, water, and air.

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